The software solutions that we have developed include:

  • Regulatory compliance, risk management, financial crime detection and other financial services applications
  • Proxy voting software for Capital Markets
  • Digital Payment Platform for Utilities
  • Marketing analytics software for optimizing return on investment
  • Post-modern ERP software for business process optimization
  • Student management software for Universities
  • Audience engagement software for entertainment industry
  • Citizen engagement software for City Government
  • Online marketplace for transacting syndicated loans
  • Accounting software for small businesses
  • Patient management software for healthcare industry

Our solutions are based on the following design principles:

Mission Criticality: we architect for high-availability, fault-tolerance and avoidance of single points of failure. Our software runs core business processes in some of the largest financial services institutions in the world.

Scalability: we design our solutions to scale linearly and expand elastically, to meet transaction processing demands in near-time; our software executes core recordkeeping processes in the largest capital market in the world.

Security: we protectively design for security at all levels of the software stack; we follow secure code development practices as well as defense-in-depth strategy in multiple layers, to harden the system against cyber attacks.